Join us for the 15th anniversary of Rabbit Awareness Week!

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What is RAW?

Rabbit Awareness Week is a week dedicated to improving the health and welfare of rabbits across the world. Our aim is to educate rabbit owners on various aspects of their care. We’ll be bringing you a week of exclusive content over on our RAW Facebook and Instagram page.

As we learn more about how to care properly for our rabbits, including feeding them a healthy diet and making sure they’re vaccinated, rabbits are living longer.

With more bunnies reaching old age, it’s important that rabbit owners adapt their care to suit their needs. Giving them a life stage appropriate diet, making adaptations to their housing, and looking after their health are great ways to help your bunnies into their senior years.

This year, we’ll be following rabbits, from their first years to golden oldies, and exploring the different ways to support your rabbits throughout their lives.


Where is RAW taking place?

Head over to our social media to stay up to date with all things Rabbit Awareness Week. We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

Plus, don’t forget to download your RAW pack from our website today! We have downloadable packs for rabbit owners, vets, rescue centres, and retailers to get you and your bunnies ready for RAW 2021.


Competition time

Head over to our RAW Facebook and Instagram page for competitions in the run up to this year’s RAW. We’re looking for a bun of the week during June. From happy to mischievous – we want to hear from you!

Get involved over on our social media pages and join the fun!


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